Sunday, November 25, 2018

Killing Tree...


[Explicit Content] Travel is supposed to be a way to wind down, relax and forget about the negativity of the world. But sometimes it should be enlightening and educational. Travel should be easy going. But sometimes it can be hard, yet often necessary to understand the culture of the nation... This photo was taken at the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields in Cambodia. During the late 70's, this exact tree was used to bash on the skulls of hundreds of new born babies, by grabbing them by the legs and waling them against the tree. Then the bodies would be chucked into a pit nearby... It was the hardest day of travel since my days exploring the concentration camps in Berlin.

Vinjatek is a world traveler.  I first globbed onto his Instagram page because I was fascinated by a guy that traveled the world (mostly Asia) living out of one back pack.

It's mostly about his gear setup that got me hooked but sometimes he hits on things that makes me sit up and take a serious look.

This post on the Killing Tree is one of those times.

I really haven't read much on the Khmer Rouge activity after the Vietnam War so I wasn't aware of this.

Chilling isn't it?

Sorry to ruin your Sunday with this type post but it needed to be done...reality and history is a bitch.

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