Friday, November 23, 2018

More Friday Insanity...FREAKING FLYING SNAKES!!!

via Unexplained Events Tumblr Page!

Flying Snake
The snake gets onto a high surface then propels itself by thrusting its body up and away from the high surface. It then sucks in its abdomen and flares its ribs to turn its body into a “pseudo concave wing.” It does all that while making a serpentine motion and wave-like motion to stabilize its direction in midair and land safely.

NO NO NO NO NO.  Let me add.  FUCK NO!

Now we need to acquire anti-aircraft missiles to deal with this looming menace to mankind?  There is only one answer.  A combined US/Russia/China/NATO mission to hunt these beast down in their territory.  No quarter will be given and nuclear weapons are authorized!  If we must destroy a continent to save that continent then so be it.  This abomination must be killed before it spreads!

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