Monday, November 05, 2018

Whatever happened to the HAVIC concept...and how does it affect thinking on ACV 1.3???

How many of you remember the HAVIC concept?  If I remember correctly (and I'm going off memory cause info on the net is SCARCE!) it's suppose to be a high speed sled designed to take vehicle from over the horizon to shore.

There was talk about robotic versions, versions that allowed the vehicle crew to steer it, a mixture of the two with debate about whether it needed to be capable of returning to ship on its own for delivery of other vehicles or whether it would be collected once the landing was complete along the shore and even disposable models that could be discarded once the landing was complete.

What I wonder is what happened to this concept?

Is it still being pursued or is it forever dead?

Note.  I'm searching my photo library but I believe they were working on an even smaller version that was also successfully tested with the LAV-25.

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