Friday, December 14, 2018

Aussie Hunter Frigate gets the go ahead...

via Shepard Media.
With the award and signing of the contract to begin the formal design and build work of the Hunter-class frigates destined for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), the programme can now move forward in earnest as it looks to meet a 2022 deadline for the first steel cutting.

The contract was awarded to BAE Systems Australia’s new subsidiary ASC Shipbuilding which was structurally separated from ASC Pty and acquired on 14 December.

As reported earlier this month, BAE Systems were making preparations for the expected contracts, although would not gain access to ASC shipbuilding facilities for the Hunter programme due to other commitments at the yard.

Prototyping is scheduled to begin in 2020, the same year that access will be freed up at ASC.

BAE Systems Australia chief executive Gabby Costigan stated: ‘We are extremely proud to have been chosen to design and manufacture a formidable fleet of frigates that will give the Royal Australian Navy an essential next generation capability that will be critical in helping protect the nation for decades to come.’

The Hunter-class frigate is based on BAE Systems’ Type 26 frigate, which will be built for the Royal Navy in the eight-strong City class. Meanwhile, the design was recently selected by Canada for the Royal Canadian Navy.
Wow.  Haven't followed this at all but that is a handsome looking ship.  Gotta dig into its capabilities to see if its teeth are as sharp as its looks...

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