Tuesday, December 25, 2018

"Right Sector" bus full of locked and loaded combatants drove into a DPR roadblock...(**Mildly Graphic**)

Thanks to AL Z for the link!


Apologies for spoiling the Christmas for some (although I tried to spare those that are a bit sensitive the pain by putting the "mildly graphic" warning in the title) but the world keeps spinning and while most of my readers are celebrating Christmas, for more than a few they're still hookin' and jabbin'.

A few others are at war.

Which brings me to this vid.  I NEED A TRANSLATION!!!  The basics according to AL Z is that a bus full of Right Sector  (is that a euphemism for NAZIS?) ran into a Russian roadblock and got blitzed.  I can't even imagine such a thing.  To be traveling along thinking that you're going to war and suddenly the war decides to meet you on the way.....  While riding a freaking bus.

That looks like some heavy machine gun fire mixed in too.  Must have been like shooting fish in a barrel.

All that's speculation.

Anyone versed in the language give me a translation of the interview please.

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