Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Beef Between Ukraine And Russia Just Got Fiercer

via 10 Daily...
The conflict on the Azov Sea sparked fresh tensions in the area, with Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko taking the extraordinary measure of instigating 30-days of martial law in border regions and stepping up security around nuclear power stations and Black Sea ports.

The escalation of tensions even propelled Ukraine to ban entry to Russian men of combat age, from entering the country.

“(Russia) has deployed land forces of around 80,000 Russian troops, about 1,400 artillery and missile systems, 900 tanks, 2,300 armored vehicles, about 500 planes and 300 helicopters,” Poroshenko tweeted.

Earlier this month the commander of Ukraine's armed forced told Reuters, Russia posed "the greatest military threat since 2014."
Story here. 

You ever get so tired of a story, so bored with the conventional wisdom, so wall pounding mad about the simplistic "good vs evil" meme that you want to look away from a particular piece of news?

That's how I view this.

So many opportunities lost (and continue to be lost) to quickly and easily solve this mess.

So many simple things that could be done if it couldn't be solved to make Ukraine an easier country to support.

But it's all lost in politics.

Questions.  How many of you actually believe that Russia is about to make a major move into greater Ukraine?  How many of you believe that even with the force assembled, the Russians will be able to take and hold ground without support from the population?  How many believe that Crimea would happily return to Ukrainian rule?

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