Monday, December 17, 2018

University professor sent mercenaries to rescue student trapped by ISIS forces...PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE!!!!

via AnarchyInBlack...
Charlotta Turner, Professor in Analytical Chemistry, received a text message from her student Firas Jumaah in 2014 telling her to to assume he would not finish his thesis if he had not returned within a week.

He and his Yazidi family were, he told her, hiding out in a disused bleach factory, hearing the sounds of gunshots as Islamic State (Isil) warriors roamed the town outside.

But Turner was in no mind to let Jumaah’s research project go unfinished.

She contacted her superiors to find out if anything could be done.

“It was a question of basic humanity. My boss gave me the green light and said ‘just do it’,” she said.

She contacted the university’s then security chief Per Gustafson.

“It was almost as if he’d been waiting for this kind of mission,” she said. “Per Gustafson said that we had deal with a transport and security company which was valid all over the whole world.”

Over a few days of intense activity, Gustafson hired a security company which then arranged a rescue operation. Just a few days later two Toyota Land Cruisers bearing four heavily-armed mercenaries roared into the area where Jumaah was hiding.

They then drove him him away to Erbil airport together with his wife and two small children.
I'm so hoping this is true but I NEVER heard of this.  Not one whiff.  Please God let it be true because this is a made for TV movie if I ever heard one, but it can't be true can it?

Update.  Found this article on the Daily Telegraph but I still don't know.  My UK readers slam everyone of their papers and call them fake news...

Side note.  I would pay good money if they sold those hardcore Toyota Trucks in America instead of the dumbed down version.  They would be a best seller but of course we're Yankees so we can't have the good stuff.

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