Sunday, December 16, 2018

US Army Abrams MBT pulls alongside Ukrainian armored column

Don't know if this makes me mad, nervous or wonder what some people are thinking.  Why are we supporting the Ukrainians?  Their govt is a mess (and that's the kindest thing I can say about them).  They're constantly involved in provocations and haven't gone the route of trying to solve this thru the UN, a consortium of European nations etc...

For some unknown reason we seem stuck on supporting a weak govt that APPARENTLY wants war with Russia.

On the flip side I've received more than one e-mail from my buddy Al Z. with articles talking about a Russian build up on their side of the border.

The US Army is not in a position to repel an attack and God knows the Ukrainians sure aren't.  So why aren't we using the State Dept to solve this thing diplomatically?

Am I sounding like a dove?  If you have that impression then you're wrong.  I just don't like the weak posturing.  If we're serious then send an Armored Division to Ukrainian along with supporting USAF assets.  If not then put Pompeo to work solving this mess.

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