Saturday, December 01, 2018

USMC advertising...

“When First Sergeant Kasal learned that Marines were pinned down inside the house by an unknown number of enemy personnel, he joined a squad making entry to clear the structure and rescue the Marines inside. He made entry into the first room, immediately encountering and eliminating an enemy insurgent, as he spotted a wounded Marine in the next room. While moving towards the wounded Marine, First Sergeant Kasal and another Marine came under heavy rifle fire from an elevated enemy firing position and were both severely wounded in the legs, immobilizing them. When insurgents threw grenades in an attempt to eliminate the wounded Marines, he rolled on top of his fellow Marine and absorbed the shrapnel with his own body. When First Sergeant Kasal was offered medical attention and extraction, he refused until the other Marines were given medical attention. Although severely wounded himself, he shouted encouragement to his fellow Marines as they continued to clear the structure.”

Blood is pouring like water out of a bucket from his body...

He shields another injured Marine with his own body when the enemy throws grenades at him...

He refuses medical attention till his brother Marine receives medical attention...


I've been taking a spin around the various social media sites of military forces in the West and the only one that seems to sing (at least to my ears) is the stuff being put out by the US Army.

That annoys me to no end.

The Royal Marines are still hardcore with their message.  The Chinese and South Koreans still have "we protect the nation" message down pat too.

But the USMC and others seem to have lost their way.

Is it because communication with millennials is different?  I don't buy that.  Biology is still biology.  The same people that will be interested in picking up a weapon and running thru the woods are still the same.

If diversity is your issue (not here to debate that, just dealing with the reality) then my thinking is that you still want to reach people with that type of interest!  They might live in new and unique places but the thing is to reach a certain type person with a certain type mindset.

We need to get back to the idea that the Marine Corps is to be earned, not given.

That message is eternal and will always appeal.

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