Thursday, December 13, 2018

USMC in talks with BAE to build a ACV GUN Variant!!!!

via Janes
The US Marine Corps and BAE Systems are in process of finalising the initial design of three additional Amphibious Combat Vehicles 1.1 (ACVs 1.1) variants, according to the company's amphibious programmes director, John Swift.

BAE Systems is under contract and producing the ACV 1.1 personnel variant for the service. The three new variants include command and control, gun, and recovery platforms.

"We will be soon placed on contract for the pursuit and the initial design of those variants, and we actually have meetings to discuss final requirements for the first variant [command and control]," Swift told reporters 7 December.

Swift said he expects that the new ACV 1.1 variants will be produced as part of a full-rate production contract coming around the third quarter of 2021.
Be still my heart!

Is HQMC actually freaking listening????

Question though.  When they say gun variant are they talking 30mm turret or are they talking 105 or 120mm (hell...I'll take a 50mm)?

I'm really stunned but extremely pleased.  Really hoping for more info on this soon!

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