Monday, January 07, 2019

British Army Guardsman pays the price for the Brit Army recruiting campaign....

Thanks to Josephine Carroll for the passage...

Source unknown (hopefully they'll circle back and give it to us)...
Guardsman Stephen McWhirter to quit after ‘snowflake’ ad ridicule

A Scots Guardsman is planning to quit the army after his picture was used below the word “snow flakes” in a £1.5 million recruitment campaign.

Guardsman Stephen McWhirter, 28, from Irvine, Ayrshire, has denounced the adverts and told colleagues he was not told the nature of the publicity when he agreed to his photo being used. Last week his was one of many faces used to try to attract young recruits to the army. The poster with his picture had the slogan: “Snow flakes — your army needs you and your compassion.”

The Mail on Sunday said that according to friends the guardsman, based at Wellington Barracks in Westminster, had been inundated with mocking messages and the army had left him open to ridicule. He said via social media he would resign as soon as possible.

One soldier wrote: “Imagine the army taking a photo of you and writing “snow flake” in massive letters above your head. I’d be signed straight off.”

Guardsman McWhirter responded: “Don’t f***ing worry, mate, I am”, and added that he would formally submit his resignation at the earliest opportunity.

Another soldier suggested that he should complain due to “corporate bullying and harassment”......

This tells you everything you need to know about this recruiting campaign from the guys INSIDE the Brit Army.

So all you SNOWFLAKES trying to tell me that I'm reading this wrong --- GO POUND SAND!!!!

For all of you that think that I'm being reactionary in my view of the British Army.  Consider this.

You have a vehicle roadmap that makes no sense.  You have a 40 Ton ASCOD replacing the Scimitar.  You're gonna continue the ANCIENT  Warrior in service and slap a new turret on it.  You have the Challenger.  Once one of the world's top tanks (if not the best) and instead of steady upgrades you have it locked in the world of the 1980's.  Your fabulous light infantry is saddled with a substandard battle rifle and on top of that you're doing this stuff.

So tell me again why I should believe the Brit Army will continue to carry the day?

Trust me.  I don't say this with glee.  But I'm looking at the damage being done to the USMC and cringe.  I'm looking at what's happening to the British Army and I'm remorseful.  I liked it the way it was.  This new "thing" I don't even recognize.

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