Tuesday, January 08, 2019

This govt shutdown is different. Let me explain why...

Let's talk govt shutdown.  This one is different and I think I know why.  Let me hit you with a few things...

1.  Previous Congress' attempted to take the pain away from this exercise.  They excluded many "essential" govt agencies.  From a personal perspective this makes these things less consequential.  DoD still up and running?  The Justice Dept still dicking citizens and criminals?  The rest I can basically live without.

2.  Federal Workers aren't seen as sympathetic figures.  The media can laud them with platitudes but the fact remains.  People don't see federal workers as people that are coming to help.  Quite the opposite.  If the feds are coming around then you know you're about to be out of some money.  They're money collectors not civil servants now and everyone is clued to that fact.  Whether it's voiced or not!

3.  Despite the media's best efforts people don't care.  I know I don't.  See point number 1. 

4.  Trump has a point.  The southern border IS A PROBLEM!  These caravans didn't help the issue one bit either.  Unless something is done the country is going to be overrun.  Sorry.  I know some of you are pro-immigrant.  I'M NOT ANTI-IMMIGRANT...but we need a pause to allow assimilation into our culture. Oh and don't get me started about black leadership on this issue.  Compton, a historically black neighborhood (or is it city?) is now 70% Hispanic.  Is that a problem?  Don't really know.  I know that it's a change.  I know that Hispanic gangs had at one time a kill on sight with regard to Black males and that I was even warned about it when out on the West Coast.  California's problems cannot become the nation's problems.


This one is different.  I hope Trump isn't talked off his stance but confidence is not high.  The guy is malleable.  His instincts are solid (most of the time) but he backs off when confronted.  He's facing pushback and a reformer/revolutionary/change artist must be able to stand firm in the face of opposition.  Haven't seen the dude being able to do that ... at least not yet.

Side note.  This is probably an unintentional inflammatory blog post.  Didn't intend that but don't get mad.  Just refute my points.  I'm open to it.  Hit me with your best shot!

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