Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Chinese officer beating a Muslim Uyghur for having a copy of the Quran in his house!.. in East Turkistan.

A few things about this...

*  The Chinese govt is full on oppressing the Muslim minority in their country but the US, EU, and UN basically say nothing.  I've been aware of this issue but have remained silent on these pages.  We've heard screams about inhumane behavior on the part of other nations and have even launched invasions with human rights, women's rights and spreading democracy, etc... as the rationale but on this issue even so called experts/advocates in those fields remain silent.

*  The Chinese aren't facing a widespread insurgency.  Why?  The Russians have seen one.  The US and EU have been attacked.  Somehow China has remained comparatively free from such atrocities/attacks.  Does might make right?  Does brutality actually serve as a deterrent for aberrant behavior?

*  Think hard about this vid.  In the US or EU everyone in earshot of this event would be searching for new jobs and facing serious jail time.  Considering how closed the Chinese govt is, we have to assume that they wanted this video to get out.  Is this to serve as a warning to other Muslims in their country?

*  I hope that hardliners in the Muslim community take note.  This will be coming to free democracies worldwide unless we see some moderating behavior and soon.  I know for a fact that there is a large percentage of hardline Americans that wouldn't necessarily welcome this but would be "forgiving" as long as it slowed attacks, and could help extricate us from foreign entanglements.

If you made it this far then this is just me musing about the embedded Tweet. Consider it initial impressions.  But make no mistake.  The Chinese have cracked down hard and some estimate that they have more than a million Muslim prisoners in jail out in some desert in that country.  Love them or hate them but not only can the Chinese be brutal, but they have an efficiency about them that would make Reinhard Heydrich blush with envy.

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