Tuesday, January 01, 2019

China 'is rounding up one million Muslims and putting them in prisons'

via New Zealand Herald.
The vocational education centres in China's far west region of Xinjiang, which officials insisted are being used for the purpose of preventing terrorism, are run more like jails than schools, official documents show.

Thousands of guards equipped with tear gas, Tasers, stun guns and spiked clubs keep tight control over Muslim 'students' in facilities ringed with razor wire and infrared cameras, according to an examination of more than 1,500 publicly available government documents.

The centres should "teach like a school, be managed like the military, and be defended like a prison", said one document, quoting Xinjiang's party secretary Chen Quanguo.
 To build new, better Chinese citizens, a document argued, the centres must first 'break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections, and break their origins'.
Story here. 

Brutal huh?

That is the American melting pot on steroids!

"To build new, better Chinese citizens we must BREAK their lineage, BREAK their roots, BREAK their connections and BREAK their origins."

Ya know as rough as I am on China, and while I still see them as an existential threat to America, this is what we try and do here...although much more gently.  Correction.  Today being an American is de-emphasized and everyone is broken into groups (sadly this also applies to those that served in the military...how we became a protected minority is both good and HORRIBLE at the same time).

Why this?

Because I haven't covered it but I did post a blog earlier showing what was purported to be a Chinese official beating a Muslim.  That vid might have been fake but the reality on the ground there is still stunning.  One article not good enough you say?  Then check these out...







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