Friday, January 04, 2019

Coast Guard, Republic of Marshall Islands respond to grounded Ou Ya Leng No. 6....Chinese Fishing Boats (poaching boats) will be the cause of the first naval battles worldwide...

Above you see a Chinese fishing boat grounded on the Marshall Islands.  This my friends will be where the first shots are fired with the Chinese.  Not the SCS dispute.  Not the crazy deals they're making and then stealing property from nations.


It'll be over their fishing boats that they're sending worldwide to poach sovereign nation waters to feed their horde.

Most worrying?

It'll be the Coast Guard that'll face off against these boats and they might be undergunned.  Supposedly this fishing fleet has a role to play in the Chinese military order of battle so we should expect at least a few to be conducting secondary missions.  A few others might even have hidden weapons.

Mark my words.  This is a warning.  Let's hope leadership is paying attention.

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