Friday, January 04, 2019

"Webb’s an arrogant bastard..."

via Breitbart
However, some who know Webb are skeptical he would be a good fit. While he would have the experience for the job, they say he also has an independent streak.

“There are a lot of advantages out of that, but there is also a big danger,” said Jim Hanson, president of the Security Studies Group. “Webb’s an arrogant bastard. That doesn’t always work. [Rex] Tillerson was also an arrogant bastard.”

“Trump needs an ally. Tillerson and Mattis both didn’t agree with him on his foreign policy agenda. They were almost the opposition to Trump. He needs someone who isn’t going to fight him on things,” he added.
Then this.
 Trump allies are rallying around former Virginia Senator Jim Webb to fill the position of Defense Secretary, after the abrupt departure of retired Marine General Jim Mattis.

The support for Webb may come as somewhat of a surprise, since he is a Democrat and has been largely out of the headlines since the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, when he launched a bid for president.

However, supporters say he aligns with President Trump’s more realist world view — something that was a problem with Mattis, a foreign policy liberalist.
Story here. 

Read the entire article but despite the problems that they warn about with Webb, when I look at other contenders all I see are Neo-Cons/Deep State'rs all around.

The real news from this article from my chair is a solid label of my foreign policy views.  I guess I'm in the camp of Foreign Policy Realists.

I don't mind that one bit.  To be quite honest its a label I can embrace.

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