Thursday, January 10, 2019

Didn't see this one coming...Two Women assault Transwoman in public bathroom

Two North Carolina women are accused of sexually assaulting a transgender woman inside a locked bathroom at a popular Raleigh bar. Amber Harrell and Jessica Fowler were arrested this week on sexual battery and kidnapping charges accusing them of groping the trans woman in December, The News & Observer reports.

Harrell, 38, and Fowler, 31, were both charged with second-degree kidnapping, a felony, and misdemeanor sexual battery, Wake County Detention Center records show. Harrell turned herself in on Sunday, January 7, and was released on bail on Monday. Fowler turned herself in on Monday, January 8, and was released the same day after posting bond.
Story here.

Did NOT see this coming!

Well this puts an interesting spin on things.  But wait!  It gets better!  What jury is gonna convict these two women?

By right and by nature (sorry gotta interject my opinion...hate me if you must) but he/she/whatever according to biology never should have been in there!

Side note.  How can people state "follow the science" when it comes to climate change (and the science is sketchy at best) and then turn around and state that we have 71 different sexes?

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