Thursday, January 10, 2019

A scary drone scenario? Law Enforcement hunted from the sky by gangs, drug dealers & international/domestic terrorists...

I wanted to piggyback off our discussion of the Houthi drone attack on the Yemeni Army that succeeded in wounding (reportedly) several high ranking officers.

In that talk we hit on the idea that civilians would be screwed in unrestricted warfare in the future.

Thinking about this a bit more I believe the people that will be pounded like a street whore by a drugged up pimp (before the big fight happens) will be Law Enforcement.

Imagine this.

A LEO is on the way to work.  Unknown to them, they've been stalked by a local gang because he's been tenacious in defending the citizens of his city from their predatory behavior.

He sees a gang member zooming around town then he makes it a point to fill his pockets full of tickets.  He checks constantly to make sure that he's isn't carrying...whether weapons or drugs.  In other words he's doing his job.  Making life hard for someone that is trying to ruin the lives of the law abiding.

Well on this morning he jumps into his truck and is headed to work 20 miles away from his home.  The bad guys know his shift.  The learn all the cops in the area and when this guy comes to work everyone knows to lay low.

Except the guys from the cartel.

He's ruined their business and its time for payback.

A direct assault is out of the question.  It would be traced back too easily.  So they do the next best thing.  They get one of the smart kids that's looking to belong but doesn't have the moxy or the strength to be full fledged and they get him to fly a drone with a couple of attached grenades.

The plan?

Fly over his vehicle and drop them as he makes to turn into his station.

Sound far fetched?  If  ISIS could drop an explosive into the commander's hatch of an IFV then targeting a soft skin vehicle is child's play.

Take it a step further.

What happens if any cop will do?  What happens if someone decides to go on a rampage with a drone as the tool instead of a rifle or pistol?

Are we prepared to deal with this future possibility?

Kill enough cops in a city and you're gonna have a massive response but it'll be too late.  Additionally the pipeline isn't strong enough to take what the military would call moderate casualties.  Martial law would have to be declared and the national guard called in.

I know this is rough sketch but you get the idea.  Seems like the future will be bleak no matter what we do.  In the US you could have 99% of the population working hard to do the right thing but that still leaves about 3 million people that are plain batshit crazy.

You think this is plausible or am I being silly?

Side note.  Just wanted to add this little bit of crazy thinking.  You know those little remote control cars?  Imagine one having an explosive strapped to it and they race it under a patrol car as it's making rounds of a neighborhood or on a traffic stop or at a major incident.  What if it's coordinated and some idiots go both air and land at a police cruiser?

Side note 1.  THIS IS JUST A THEORETICAL EXERCISE!  I am not planning, coordinating or wishing to provide info.  This is just wargaming different future scenarios.  Had to add the last part so the farm boys (that's old thinking) so the lawyers and accountants working for the FBI would stay in their corner of Quantico!

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