Thursday, January 10, 2019

Gents! Relax. I make off the cuff comments...(the issue with Indonesian Tanks in the Jungle)...

I posted the above pic yesterday with the comment (paraphrasing) that a properly equipped USMC Rifle Platoon could take them apart with ease.

It stirred a hornet's nest.

It shouldn't have.

Gents!  Relax!  I make off the cuff remarks all the time.

To be honest I had two initial reactions.  The first was that this shows the lie that tanks can't operate in the jungle.  The second was what I previously stated.

I went with the smart ass remark.

So take a chill pill.  Relax.  If the Indonesians actually operate this way then a few officers attending the US Army Armored School will fix it (or the Brits, Germans, S. Koreans etc...).  If not then they'll learn in the crucible of combat.

But I think the simplest possibility is also the correct answer.  They were simply convoying to a training area.

Long short.

Let's put this to bed.

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