Thursday, January 10, 2019

I hope to God that Trump doesn't declare a national emergency for the wall! HERE ME OUT!!!

I've been monitoring the news this morning and the consensus from many liberal talking heads is that they hope Trump declares a national emergency to get funding for the wall.

The thinking?

It would reopen the govt and he would get funding and the Dems would take him to court ... but at least it would reopen govt.

My thinking?

I HOPE TO GOD that Trump doesn't fall for this.  Not for his sake.  Not because I'm against the wall.  But because I fear what that will mean going into the future.

Let me be a bit more clear.

You want to talk about an imperial president?  Want to talk about an expansion of presidential powers that would make the founders of this nation punch walls?

Let Trump declare an emergency, get the wall and then have the courts uphold it!

Suddenly you could get declarations of emergency for things we can't even imagine.

Most of you are as conservative as I am. Many of you are even to the right of me (although my family members consider me downright barbaric in my views), but trust me on this one.

Getting the wall by emergency powers will be a can NONE of us want opened.

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