Sunday, January 06, 2019

Never took corporate censorship seriously but its here and it's real!

Corporate censorship is here.  I didn't believe it but it hit me so I now know it's real as fuck.

See the above pic?  People have joked that it looked like a penis sticking out the front of the tank.  I took it as juvenile joking and left it at that.  Never in a million years did I think some playful banter would actually lead to a pic being in violation of standards...especially a pic of a freaking tank but there it is!

Additionally remember the real short blog post I did about Mossberg's new pistol?

Google sent me a note saying that it was in violation because it depicted weapons!

Does this affect you? 

Not at all but be aware.  It's my CONSPIRACY belief that we've wandered into the land of corporate censorship.  In other words corporations are trying to set standards of decency instead of the community.

Show pics of people smoking weed?  Cool as the other side of the pillow.  Show a pic of a pistol, or some other type of gear?  WRONG ANSWER!

I kinda wondered at the time what the deal would be with all the Nazis being outed following Charlottesville.  Don't get me wrong cause I think their cause is bullshit, their followers idiots and I wouldn't waste my piss on them or stop to render aid if I saw one of the bastards in an automobile accident.

But for people to lose jobs and to basically be run off the internet?  To additionally shutter the websites they frequent?

That seemed like a step too far and now I know that instinct was right.

If we allow shit we don't like to be censored (within community standards, not at all promoting child porn or any other type idiocy/immorality) then eventually they'll get to stuff we do like.

This is just a heads up guys.

Corporations have decided to slice the baby.  Instead of bringing jobs back to our shores or paying people decent wages they've decided instead to become paragons of virtue (or is it virtue signal?) by sticking a finger in the wind and cater to certain beliefs they feel will generate goodwill.

Somehow, someway we need to make them pay for their stupidity.

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