Sunday, January 06, 2019

Brit Army supporters are tying themselves into knots trying to justify the RIDICULOUS recruiting posters!

The Pinstripped Blog has an incredibly stupid (for them...they're usually solid) take on the IDIOTIC recruiting posters the Brit Army has unveiled.

This is the last groans of a tired empire whose time has come and gone.  If this is any indication then the Brits should NO LONGER be considered reliable allies.

I hate to be cruel especially when I absolutely adore their martial past, but what will they bring to the table in the future?

Tanks?  Challenger is damn near obsolete.  Mech Infantry?  It's in flux and we have no idea what the final form will take.  Light Infantry?  These posters point to the future and I don't want a class clown, a zombie or the like to be manning a post or watching anyone's back much less a US Marines!  Carriers? You're kidding right?  We're gonna have to post aircraft to them and we're doing it under the fig leaf of "interchangeability"?  What idiot really believes that shit?

We should adopt a realistic military posture.

Poland, The Netherlands, Italy and a couple of others are better positioned to be our focus than the UK.

Sorry Brit readers but the sun has set and the most you can hope for is a few full moons to light your future.

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