Thursday, January 03, 2019

Qatar Emiri Land Force variant of VBCI IFV which equipped with CTA 40mm turret....

How do these guys get rolled when they have such fabulous kit!!!  Gotta dig into the VBCI-2 and see how it's stats lay out.  Firepower and optics look good though...

One thing has me kinda flustered.  I predicted a renaissance in armored warfare but I thought it would be on the tank side, not with IFVs.  As things stand right now I'd say we're looking at the rebirth of the tankette.  It seems that 40mm is now or soon to be the new standard.

I'm not into ballistics so I don't really know the advantages of the bigger round and if it's worth abandoning the 30mm to chase it down but apparently alot of forces around the world are sold or at least taking a hard look.

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