Wednesday, January 09, 2019

YES!!!! The US Navy is pushing forward with a 5in Hypervelocity Round!

With the help of God, a few patriotic egg heads and a few good Marines (Sailors too) we might be able to keep China in it's cage or bust them upside the head when they get bold enough to step out.


Because the US Navy along with our defense industrial base is working the problem with regard to getting a 5in Hypervelocity Round into the field.

Even better?

They tested the damn thing!!!

via US Naval Institute NEWS (not blog...don't get it twisted...reading the blog will make your eyes bleed and cause holes to be punched in walls)...
“So if you think about the kinds of threats you might face in the Middle East, the lower-end cruise missiles or a larger UAV, now you have a way to shoot them down that doesn’t require you use a $2 million ESSM or $1 million RAM because a hyper velocity projectile – even in the highest-end estimates have it in the $75,000 to $100,000 range, and that’s for the fanciest version of it with an onboard seeker,” he said.

An added benefit of using HVP in powder guns is the gun’s high rate of fire and a large magazine capacity.

“You can get 15 rounds a minute for an air defense mission as well as a surface-to-surface mission,” Clark said. “That adds significant missile defense capacity when you think that each of those might be replacing a ESSM or a RAM missile. They’re a lot less expensive.”
Story here. 

I'm thinking peer vs peer here.  Imagine.  You run against an enemy fortification?  Call for fire from naval assets and that destroyer hovering off the coast gives you 2 minutes of fire.  30 rounds of high explosive, high speed barrage destroying everything on those coordinates.

Armored formation?  3 minutes of fire and you pick thru the pieces looking for souvenirs to smuggle home.

This COULD DEFINITELY be a game changer!

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