Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Aviation Porn...AH-1Zs going out to play (Side Note. Is it time to give them anti-ship missiles?)...

Don't care what you think.  I'm right on this.  The AH-1Z is the best naval attack helicopter on the planet.  Full stop.

With that being said and the USMC wanting to participate in the naval battle from land and sea, even going so far as wanting a land launched anti-ship missile or to develop ways to use both cannon and rocket artillery to attack ships...is it time to give the AH-1Z anti-ship missiles?

I was thinking maybe Harpoons but I don't know if they could carry them.  As far as targeting I would think some other system could handle that task but they could at least get into position to launch them.

Why?  Well we don't practice it but you have to think about preventing landings by enemy forces that might arrive by sea.  The ability to put a dent in a Chinese (or other threat force) LPD type ship might prove useful if the Navy is busy doing other things (like fighting the big fight for control of the sea...ya know, doing Navy shit!).

Just a thought.

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