Tuesday, February 26, 2019

F-35 fighter jet declares emergency on routine flight...does ANYONE have info on this incident???

via GB Times.
An F-35 Lightning fighter jet based at RAF Marham in Norfolk declared an emergency while on a routine flight near its base.

It landed safely after experiencing a “minor technical issue” on Thursday.

An RAF spokesman said on Friday: “The RAF can confirm an F35 Lightning experienced a minor technical issue during a routine flight last night.

“The aircraft landed safely.”

An emergency squawk is used to identify an aircraft with a possible issue and enables it to have priority over other air traffic.

It does not necessarily mean the aircraft has an emergency, but flight safety is paramount and if there is any doubt pilots will recover to a suitable base or airfield as soon as possible.

The first of the multimillion-pound F-35s arrived at RAF Marham in June 2018 and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has pledged the UK will buy 138 in total.
Story here. 

This was reported on the 15th and I've been sitting on it because I've been waiting for one of the "big" defense mags/reporters to get more info on this and tell us about it.

Instead its been almost a news blackout.

Nothing from the Brit papers, mags, TV news.  Nothing from the big defense mags, papers etc...in the rest of Europe or the US.

Absolutely nothing.

But you guys are connected and have great Google skills.  Does anyone know what gives here?

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