Sunday, February 17, 2019

Breaking! French Intel Center attacked in blackout, US forces secure perimeter...

Thanks to Vodkar for the link!

via Strategic 51 Blog.
Despite a total blackout on information and military censorship, a member of the Syrian Kurdish political-administrative body confirmed yesterday a bomb attack on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, the headquarters of military intelligence French and a branch of the DGSE (Directorate General of External Security) in the city of Raqqa by attributing it to Daesh.

The explosion, heard for miles around and felt as far as the US forward stations, destroyed the entire building occupied by the French services. MSF forces rushed to the scene to rescue the wounded.

US forces would have secured the perimeter of the attack and blocked access to what remains of the complex.
Story here. 

Just plain wow.

This is why I love ALL my readers from around the world.  Being able to grab different news sources.  More grainy pics at the site but we've got to see if this is real.

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