Sunday, February 17, 2019

Notional F-22C Super Raptor looks good..but how much longer can they fly - will they soon number below 50?

First.  The Notional F-22C Super Raptor (is it a concept) looks good.  The performance seems eye watering and its weapons load, range and speed seems custom designed for war in the Pacific.  That's the good.

Second.  Take all the memes we've heard about 4th gen fighters and then add to them because there is NO new build F-22's.  How much longer can we keep them flying?  How expensive will it be to keep them flying even if we're able to somehow make it work?

Last.  We're gonna have to carefully monitor these planes.  Even being gentle with them we're probably looking at a not too distant reality of just a portion remaining in "go to war" shape.  Maybe 50?

Love the F-35.  Hate the F-35.  Doesn't matter.  We need to start that crash program for a 6th gen fighter now.

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