Monday, February 25, 2019

British Army below programmed strength ....

via UK Defense Journal.
The British Army’s full-time size has fallen to just 75,880 personnel, over 6,000 below its government set target, according to new figures.

The Ministry of Defence’s latest personnel statistics also revealed that the Armed Forces as a whole is over 9,000 personnel short of its 2020 target, set after the last Strategic Defence and Security Review in 2015.
Story here. 

Wow.  I never knew the British Army was this small.  Considering the size of it I wonder.  Should they give up tanks all together?  What is the proper size?  If they can't sustain 75K then perhaps they should set a lower number but ensure that they're well equipped.

How about this.

Drop down to 55K.  Keep Airborne/16th Air Assault.  Gurkhas.  A couple of Strike Brigades. Go for a light/medium force.  Decide on which vehicle to convert into a Mobile Gun System...Boxer or Ajax.  Then call it a day.  For better or worse the UK is a Navy/Air Force dominated country due to its geography.  I guess its time to deal with that reality in the defense budget.

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