Saturday, February 16, 2019

Canadian Army dabbles in politics and gives the TAPV new roles...

via Edmonton Journal.
There seems to be some revisionism underway in the Canadian Army about the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program as well as changes to the role of the wheeled vehicle.

When it was originally announced part of the stated goal of the TAPV was to take on the role of reconnaissance, with 193 of the vehicles being a reconnaissance variant that would replace the Army’s Coyote vehicle. The remaining 307 TAPVs would serve as armoured personnel carriers for battlefield troop transportation, according to the Army.

In addition, the $1.2 billion project, when it was announced in 2012, was clearly part of the Conservative government’s defence program (The original TAPV plans also emerged under the Conservatives in 2008/2009).

The situation has changed in the meantime. The Army says it is expanding the role of the vehicle. The TAPV is being assigned to headquarters and military police units for use as protected and mobile transport. It will be used as well for command and control, VIP transport and patrolling.

As for the more sophisticated reconnaissance capability fielded by the Coyotes, the Army notes that it has the new LAV 6 and its Reconnaissance Surveillance System (LRSS) Project.
Story here. 

Interesting.  Don't know why the Canadian Army would dabble in politics so openly but to see them giving the TAPV a few new roles is good news.  I've always liked the vehicle, thought it had outstanding mobility and have been looking for it to get seriously upgunned.

I'm still waiting for the 50mm cannon but the recon kit is a great start.

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