Saturday, February 16, 2019

German Motorized Scouts hunting IEDs in Mali...

via BMVG.De
The goal of the three-day operation is the village of Gossi, located about 150 kilometers west of Gao. In Germany, a trip for this route would take just under two hours. Here in Mali, Sergeant Christian R. needs almost five hours for this. "There are potholes everywhere. There are hardly any paved roads here that allow for fast driving. In addition, we have to reckon with booby-traps, which are particularly suitable here, "says First Sergeant Christian R. After arrival, he goes to his actual job. In Gossi organized crime is suspected. On site he gives further orders to his soldiers. He talks to them, makes them aware of the job again. He knows that the heat and the long drive demand everything from his soldiers. He and his men have been in Mali for three months now and have done countless operations. He can rely on his men.
Story here. 

Even thru Google Translate you can get a feel for their operations.  A drive 3 days out.  Figuring 30 miles at least a day they're at least 90 miles out?  Don't seem far till you realize that any help coming is what.... figure 30 mins away if the pilots are flying fast (counting a quick QRF)?

3 vehicles?  Can probably figure that the insurgents are clocking you as you leave the gates?

Pretty interesting.  They're doing work over there.

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