Monday, February 04, 2019

CH-53K all jacked up. Won't enter service till 2021...the procurement trainwreck continues...

via Rotor and Wing.
Multiple design deficiencies found during post-delivery testing of the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion will delay operational testing and entry to service with the Marine Corps until at least 2021, according to the U.S. Defense Department Director of Test and Evaluation’s annual report.

A planned initial operational capability (IOC) declaration in December 2019 “will be delayed” and the CH-53K program office is “working a major schedule revision” to address a list of structural problems found during system development and demonstration, according to the DOT&E report published Jan. 31.

“The Program Office is requesting additional funding to complete sufficient developmental testing to enter [initial operational testing and evaluation] with a [key performance parameter] compliant system,” the report says. “Technical problems have extended [System Development and Demonstration] well beyond original projections.”
Story here. 

I just don't know anymore.  This "aviation centric" Marine Corps just can't get out its own way.  Between the F-35 ongoing and seemingly never ending problems to the inexplicable air crashes to the push for SPMAGTF built around air power/mobility but that even the guys commanding it are saying is too light to now the CH-53K it seems like this push is failing right before our eyes.

Even worse?

It's wrecking procurement across the board. 

I swear to God either the requests are too strenuous for industry to meet or they're stealing us blind or both.

Regardless, this means that the CH-53K won't be ready till 2021 and that means that the procurement trainwreck continues.  We just can't get shit off the books.

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