Thursday, February 07, 2019

Iran unveils a Super Heavy APC...

via Mehr News Agency.
Armored personnel carrier named ‘Kian 500’ was unveiled today, which is equipped with unique super-heavy armored carrier, according to  Commander of Iran’s Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Kioumars Heydari.

This super-heavy armored personnel carrier includes unique technical and operational features, such as a high-power engine (500 HP), 16-speed gearbox with a double clutch plate, 200-ton tugging power, a loading capacity of 60 tons, and a fueling tank at 900 liters capacity among others.

A mobile watch tower and border control was another notable achievement unveiled today, he said, adding, this site is equipped with land monitoring radar covering a 15km range.

The watch tower is equipped with sophisticated night-vision cameras with high resolution and also electro-optic system with laser rangefinder, Heydari added.

During the unveiling ceremony, a number of defense equipment was delivered to Army units after undergoing overhauling operations.

Moreover, a number of armored vehicles equipped with telecommunications shelters, manufactured by expert Iranian engineers, were handed over to the Army Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
I wonder if Iran has a requirement for its armored vehicle designer to smoke X amount of illegal drugs each day before they report to work!

Regardless I spent a bit of time looking for pics of this "thing" and came up empty.  Hopefully one of my readers can find them for us.  I can't wait to see this thing.

I'm not sure of much but I'm betting that you'd have Viper Pilots literally wetting themselves with excitement if they ever got one of these things in their sights!

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