Thursday, February 07, 2019

Politics Talk. How do the anti-Trump Republicans make it back? What is their end game?

I've been musing about this for awhile now and I just can't put it together.

How do the anti-Trump Republicans make it back?  What is their end game?

They've been rejected by their base voters.  Their policies are unpopular.  They're aiding the opposition party but they don't have a home their. So what is their end game?

Is getting rid of Trump enough?  Let's assume that it is.  My question is then what?  Do they think that they'll be welcomed back into the party?  I'm not so sure.  They might continue to make the cocktail party circuit but beyond that I don't see a political future.  People like Kasich pop to mind in that regard. The guy wants to be president but I just don't see him being welcomed by the voters nationwide.  Same goes with Romney.

Could we see a split in the Republican party going into the future?  The globalist, deep state, interventionist wing against the small govt, anti-illegal alien, non-interventionist, fair trade-not free trade wing?

I'm just not sure but we'll see in 2020.

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