Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Prevail Unveils Proposal For Royal Navy’s Future Littoral Strike Ship via Naval News..

via NN.
In a short statement, Prevail Partners says that its Prevail Multirole Vessel (MRV) is being offered as a wet-lease using an international maritime industry time-charter framework. As a highly mobile logistic and helicopter base, the ship « enables nations to project power, carrying out the most time-sensitive Special Forces missions and managing threats at range with swift and decisive action ». The first ship could be ready for operations in 2020, the company adds.

On Feb. 11, Williamson announced a concept and development phase for the vessels – called littoral strike ships. It represents part of the Royal Navy’s vision for the future of amphibious warfare, alongside plans for the future of the Royal Marines. These ships would form the backbone of a littoral strike group, a scalable force made up of different elements of the fleet and the future commando force.

With an operational range of over 10,000 nautical miles and speed in excess of 20 kts, the Prevail MRV is capable to moving from one operation to another at pace, the company says in its proposal. Tailored for a various range of missions, such as amphibious operations, counter-terrorism, humanitarian and disaster relief, and hospital ship, the MRV is offered as « a turnkey solution for 300 operational days a year ».
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Sorry.  I'm to the point of not believing the Royal Navy on this one.  The Army is small.  The Carriers are suppose to be able to flex into Commando Carriers as well as F-35 platforms.  The Albion and company are suppose to continue in service and they're also suppose to be looking at a LHD in the future?

Too much capacity for too small a force.

This looks like a bid to get low cost, low function ships into service while they do away with higher cost but higher functioning ships.

In short this is a cost savings move being dressed up as an increase in lethality.

I'm not impressed.

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