Thursday, February 07, 2019

Protests in France continue. Get eyeballs on this, we're seeing a modern European nation on the brink of revolution!

I know.  Alot of you believe that protests are as common in France as spring showers in April but trust me. THIS IS DIFFERENT!  I have never seen the security forces come out in such force and use such tactics before (that includes the annual car burning on the outskirts of Paris).

I have never seen the average citizen involved in what the state is now labeling illegal behavior.

We're not seeing hooligans.  We're seeing average citizens hookin' and jabbin' with security forces.

We're seeing a modern European nation on the brink of revolution!  My guess is that sooner rather than later, the powers that be will demand that Macron step down "for the good of the nation".  The new pick to lead will repeal the new taxes that caused this and the hope will be that they'll be able to get back to business as usual.

What I wonder is how much longer Macron has.  Maybe till early March to either get this thing settled or step down?  Maybe later?  I have no idea.

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