Saturday, February 23, 2019

Slovakia is backtracking on its Boxer IFV buy...

Story here.

Long short?  It comes back to economics and meeting the defense needs of their nation.  The worrying thing that I hadn't considered?  They're operating under a mandate from NATO to build battlegroups.

What if they simply can't afford?

This is why NATO needs a rationalized defense architecture.  If Slovenia can provide a couple of crack infantry battalions, or airborne troops or motorized recon then we need to plug that into the warfighting scheme for the organization.

One size does NOT fit all and duplication of effort across the alliance is wasteful.  Even worse in my opinion?  Forcing these smaller nations to buy expensive, high tech gear so that they look similar to their bigger neighbors is counterproductive.

We've got to find a better way.  Economic strength leads to military strength and military strength leads to economic strength with it all ending up at prosperity...IF DONE RIGHT! Breaking the bank to have the latest gee whiz weapon isn't national defense if it wrecks your economy.

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