Sunday, March 17, 2019

Blast from the past. Vulcan Bomber flying over USSR Kiev Carrier...did the Soviets have it right with a hybrid carrier?


The Soviets were onto something when they developed hybrid carriers.  STOVL carriers that also act as missile ships is the future...they were just 30 years ahead of their time.


There is a movement to separate Marine fast air jets from the MEU.  Marine Corps leadership, Think Tanks, and Air Power Advocates continue to push for the F-35B to be part of the sea control battle instead of supporting Marine Ground.


If the America Class LHD is going to "leave ground forces on the pier" then it makes sense to bolster the classes firepower by adding long range anti-ship/anti-air missiles to make up for a reduced sortie rate and to provide for active defense if it is to participate alongside big carriers in the sea battle.


If this plan actually gains traction then the America Class LHD should be redesigned to accommodate this new role.  Additionally the San Antonio Class and the LX(R) Class should be abandoned and Marine Ground should push for the Mistral Class LHD so that Marine Air (Rotary) can be "perfectly" wedded to support Ground Forces.  Well Deck space will be gained to support both vertical and surface assault.  Individual Ship action in a Distributed Battle Space will be enhanced because each ship will have its own "wing" of aircraft to support widely dispersed units.

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