Sunday, March 17, 2019

The fight between India/Pakistan DID THREATEN to go nuclear!

via Reuters.
At one stage, India threatened to fire at least six missiles at Pakistan, and Islamabad said it would respond with its own missile strikes “three times over”, according to Western diplomats and government sources in New Delhi, Islamabad and Washington.

The way in which tensions suddenly worsened and threatened to trigger a war between the nuclear-armed nations shows how the Kashmir region, which both claim and is at the core of their enmity, remains one of the world’s most dangerous flashpoints.

The exchanges did not get beyond threats, and there was no suggestion that the missiles involved were anything more than conventional weapons, but they created consternation in official circles in Washington, Beijing and London.

Reuters has pieced together the events that led to the most serious military crisis in South Asia since 2008, as well as the concerted diplomatic efforts to get both sides to back down.
Story here. 

Just wow.  Some thought I was alarmist when I said this thing looked like it would spiral.  Unfortunately I was right.

Think about it.

One miscalculation.

One idiot move by a Junior Officer.

We could have witnessed nuclear fire.

How do you prevent something similar from happening in the future?  How do you keep the nuclear war genie in the bottle with so many countries have overt and covert nuclear weapons?

From my seat its only a matter of time.  Fallout 3 will be live instead of a video game.

The saving grace is that we know that the earth repairs itself after nuclear hellfire so unless its great powers, the damage should be limited...but that will be irrelevant to the people caught up in it.

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