Saturday, March 02, 2019

Does anyone have a clear picture of the India / Pakistan aerial engagement?

Looking for a solid writeup on the India / Pakistan aerial engagement.  It's just been a few days but we should have a clear picture but all I have to go on is the fragments of info that many of you shared.

I was hoping to see some definitive writing on the air battle.  If you have then send it my way.


Because I'm not understanding the critique being leveled at the Indian Air Force.  They engaged in battle, supposedly 8 v 24 and came out if not ahead then even.  Those sound like fantastic odds to me and a great performance especially concerning the aircraft involved.

Is it all about the idea that an F-16 could be shot down.  Is the focus on the hardware and not the pilots doing pilot shit?

That's why I'm hungry for more info.

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