Sunday, March 03, 2019

Gripen NG: a new generation is ready. Are you?

Was doing a scroll thru my video library and came across this jewel from 2013. Long short?  We've been had.

I know this is Saab propaganda but its all within the realm of what we know works and works well.

This plane checks all the boxes.  AESA, reliable & powerful engines, sensor fusion, IRST, links to other aircraft/ships etc....the only thing it doesn't have to make it a so called 5th gen fighter is stealth.

And exactly how durable is stealth in the age of advanced computing power.

Then we have the 1000 pound bear in the room.


If I was suddenly put in charge of an air force for a small country I would be all over this airplane.  It's obvious that arms sales aren't about a certain products capabilities but rather the "loyalty" that comes from the purchase.

I'd buy Gripens, Meteor missiles, probably some Brimstones, a good portion of Storm Breaker SDBs, some Paveways (thousand pound class with the guidance kits) and a good anti-ship missile in the form of the Brahmos.

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