Friday, March 01, 2019

It ain't over...BREAKING: Reports of fresh clashes along the India/Pakistan Line of Control in Kashmir.

Ok.  Time for me to bitch and whine.

WTF is going on in the State Dept of the United States and similar organizations in our allied countries?  Where the fuck is the UN, China, Russia and the rest of the world?

We have two nuclear powers on the brink and what's the lead story (at least in the US)?  The President's son in law got a top secret security clearance despite misgivings of the intel community.

We knew that a year ago.

Other than that it's that Trump did good to walk away from the nuke talks, the US and N. Korea blame each other for their failure and that the House oversight committee will be investigating Kuschner.

While our mainstream media is preoccupied with recycled news, the previously mentioned flareup is threatening to blaze even hotter.

Am I wrong?  Is this just an "interest group" thing or are my fellow citizens bat shit stupid?

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