Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Quick and dirty. Who knocked out power in Venezuela?

This is just a quick and dirty folks.

Venezuela has been suffering a power outage for a while now.  Who did it?  The Russians?  Doubt it they've been a supporter.  The Chinese?  Ditto.  They have nothing to gain from doing such an act.  Brazil?  Colombia?  They're listed by the Venezuelan govt as not being friends but haven't quite crossed the line to being enemies (I think).

You do know what that means.

My thoughts keep rotating back to either a cyber attack (doubtful because the Russians or Chinese or Iranians or N. Koreans would out us in a second) or this jewel that didn't get the air time it deserved...

Yeah.  Boeing's Champ Missile.

This is just a conspiracy theory but did we just witness a live fire test of this weapon?

Don't hate me...I'm just a messenger...and I admit that I might have gotten this all wrong!

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