Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Russia is reinforcing its anti-air missile battalions and modernizing its nuclear force...

A reader named S300V4 left this comment...
Some numbers from fresh speech of russian minister of defence.

In the last six years

- 20 regiments of S-400 was delivered (8x2x20 = 320 launchers)

- 20 battalions of Pantsir-S1 delivered

- 109 new Yars missiles delivered (12 regiments)

- 108 new Bulava missiles delivered

- 17 Bal and Bastion battalions

- 11+ brigades of Iskander

Basically is the answer where the money flows.
Wow.  Not hard to follow their thinking when its laid out like this is it.  It's all about air defense and modernizing their nuclear force.

More sub launched ballistic missiles...

More Iskanders...

Are you guys getting the force of connection here.  They will have a modern conventional force, modern (some would say world leading) anti-air defenses and repairing/modernizing their nuclear strike force.

This isn't offensive in nature.

Tell me where I'm wrong but it looks like they're building a force to defend themselves, not conquer.

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