Sunday, March 10, 2019

Spanish Mortars at Exercise Dynamic Front in Latvia...

How many of you knew that Exercise Dynamic Front was going on in Latvia? This is an example of how we're being unnecessarily provocative against Russia in my opinion.  Think about it.  If the USSR was still around, had an alliance with several Central American nations and was running back to back exercises constantly then we would be up in arms.  The anger would be palatable and the public would be crying out for action.  The fact that NATO is essentially doing that on Russia's borders and we can't understand the outrage shows a lack of maturity with regard to international affairs and how our actions can precipitate a crisis.

If you believe that these exercises increase readiness then ok, but I have my doubts.

I think its about showing that NATO is pulling its weight.  In essence its a public relations exercise for the American public but especially policy makers. The Army is proving that its doing work and they're doing so by increasing the ops-tempo for not only our forces but the forces of our allies.

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