Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The IDF just revealed that this human filth is responsible for the abduction of US troops? Did I miss this???

WTF is going on!  I don't recall hearing news of the abduction of US troops!  When did this happen!

Why isn't SOCOM planting a flag in this piece of shits ass while pissing on his grave!

How can this "thing" still be alive?

I reacted emotionally.  I missed the reality of this announcement.  They got me I have to admit.  The images of American Soldiers killed murdered raised blood pressure, just like the Israeli Intel Service expected.

The real issue is that they're using this as a pretext for action in Syria against Hezbollah. 

This was a tool to get people like me to automatically green light new fighting in Syria.

But if they have this type of intel then why not air strikes or send a hunter killer team after the dude?

Simple.  They're aiming at doing more than just that.  He is the excuse.  The real reason is that they're looking at Hezbollah and seeing a gathering threat that must be curb stomped before it becomes too big to easily dispatch (or they're looking for a wag the dog moment because the PM is in HUGE trouble).

Either way my emotions got in the way of trying to properly analyze this thing.

Israel isn't beating the war drums.  Now they're pounding them.

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