Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tony Blair called a traitor...BREXIT is getting VERY interesting!

French sources said the former prime minister told Emmanuel Macron to “hold firm” over a Brexit deal, so Parliament will be forced to accept a customs union or even call for a second referendum, sources in Paris have confirmed. Mr Blair has denied this is the terminology used but admitted he has told European leaders how to persuade Britain to stay in the EU. But furious Brexiteers have hit out at Tony Blair over his interference, with ex-Labour MP George Galloway taking to Twitter to say: “This is treason!”
Story here. 

I am surprised.  For Tony Blair to take this step tells us even more than we could possibly know.  They will work against the will of their own people, will push for an agenda that many oppose, IF it serves their own value system.

Kings vs serfs?  No.  Its worse than that.  Serfs know they don't have control.  The modern day version has been fooled into believing they do.

Meanwhile Theresa May is all but done.  She is in office but her power is almost nil and a major vote awaits today.

Stay tuned.  A major ally is about to be in deep internal shit.

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