Sunday, March 31, 2019

Two More Sailors Fall Ill on US Navy Ship Quarantined at Sea...WTF is going on with this amphibious ship???

via Sputnik.
Two more sailors on the USS Fort McHenry have come down with viral parotitis, an infection with symptoms similar to mumps, bringing the total number of sailors infected to 27, the US Navy told Business Insider in a statement.

The stricken ship has been quarantined at sea for months now as doctors work to control and understand the outbreak. The first case of the infection was spotted December 22, not long after the ship left Mayport Naval Station in Florida for its deployment in the Persian Gulf. It has avoided port calls since early January.

The Navy says that none of the infections were serious or life-threatening, and 26 of the 27 service members have recovered and returned to duty.
Story here.

This is strange as hell.

You know those Sailors and Marines are going stir crazy.  No ports of call since Jan?  Sailing in circles?  Can't even make landfall?

CDC should be all over this.

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