Sunday, March 31, 2019

USMC internal carriage of vehicles aboard MV-22s/CH-53s...does it make by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sean Galbreath

The above photos are from a pic thread posted on DVIDS by Petty Officer 3rd Class Galbreath covering operations aboard the USS Wasp.

Pretty interesting stuff and I recommend you subscribe to the Wasp's DVIDS page.

Having said that, the above pics stand out.

Does it make sense for the USMC to keep chasing the internal carriage of vehicles aboard its rotary winged assets?  The vehicle limitations are obvious (especially with the MV-22) because internal space is limited.  While the CH-53 can handle a Humvee, even that is of a stripped down variety, not the up armored type (yeah it can sling load it, but if I recall correctly being uparmored knocks it out of internal carriage).

Is it tactically useful to carry vehicles internally?  Does it make sense to carry such lightly armored (essentially no armor) vehicles deep into enemy territory?

Does the mobility provided make sense considering the tremendous amount of resupply of fuel needed for operations?

I don't know.  Information is sketchy for how the FMF will utilize these vehicles.  Special Ops?  Yeah we get that.  Long range patrol and raids?  But how will an MEU utilize this gear?

If you have answers I'm all ears.

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