Friday, March 01, 2019

Video of ISIS "convert" attacking deputy with a knife. Cops need to select better rounds....

Thanks to Gessler for the vid!

A couple things.

1.  This dude was mental.

2.  Why did they just send one officer.

3.  Totally justified shoot.

4.  Obviously attempted suicide by cop.

5.  Center mass double tap and he survived?  They need to select some new rounds.  Dude should be DRT...Dead Right There.

6.  Was he on a watch list?

7.  How many other clowns that think likewise are running around.

8.  Gotta put in more range time.  Between crack heads, meth heads, tweekers in general, thieves, gangster, nazis and now ISIS freaks the target list is getting long.

9.  Good job on the cops part.  Body cams have them playing to the cameras.  Too bad.  The verbal judo is weak because of it.

Don't have anything else.  What did I miss?

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